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 2015 Annual Report


In 2015, the American Anglican Council (AAC) worked with over 200 clergy and lay leaders in North America, helping their ministries excel and grow. We also added more staff to meet the needs of those Anglicans seeking advice and counsel on how to grow their parish while continuing our work with Anglicans around the world.



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2013 Annual Report


The ministry of the American Anglican Council is vitally important to Anglicanism surviving and thriving in North America. We believe that our focus on developing faithful leaders, equipping the church for mission and renewing orthodox Anglicanism worldwide can have a huge impact on God’s kingdom. We’re already seeing the fruit of this focus in our Clergy Leadership Training Institute, our church revitalization efforts and our International work. In this ministry update you will see these results and, hopefully, you will also see the potential impact these efforts will have for generations to come.


2012 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

2012 was a year of many blessings for the AAC. Our existing programs like the Clergy Leadership Training Institute welcomed new participants and continued ongoing training in practical skills that clergy need and appreciate. Sure Foundation, our ministry to congregational leadership teams, continued to mature, including an ever-increasing circle of skilled teachers who can coach and train in areas of vital importance such as how to reach young families and how to minister to youth. Download our full Annual Report to learn more.



2011 Annual Report

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On August 19 of 2011 the American Anglican Council (AAC) turned 15 years old.  Since 1996, a lot has changed in the life of this nonprofit as well as in the life of the church we serve, and I submit to you that the two are connected. In the AAC’s early years, when the theological drift in The Episcopal Church (TEC) worsened, the AAC responded with an increasing zeal for renewal and defense of orthodox Anglicanism. As TEC introduced theological and canonical innovations and alienated its Bible-believing parishes, the AAC responded by standing with those who remained within TEC and strategically advising those who, for conscience sake, needed to leave the drifting church. When the dioceses, parishes and individuals who left TEC and linked up with overseas provinces needed a more permanent and local structure for mission and organization, the AAC responded by working cooperatively to form what became the Anglican Church in North America...


2010 Annual Report

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Thank you so much for your interest in and support of the work of the American Anglican 2010 annual report Council (AAC). You may not know this, but 2010 marked my tenth year as president and CEO of the AAC. Over the years, the AAC has changed in many ways. When I first joined, the offices were located in Washington D.C. and the AAC shared office space with another Christian non-profit. Now, they’re located in Atlanta. When I became CEO, our efforts were mainly focused within The Episcopal Church. Today, we not only work with Episcopalians but also with those in the new Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) and worldwide. As a former rector, I can tell you that those organizations and people who adapt to changing circumstances are the most effective ones...


2009 Annual Report


In October 2009, the American Anglican Council (AAC) Board of Trustees unanimously adopted an ambitious three year plan to seize this “Nehemiah moment” we are in, to help build up and defend Great Commission Anglican churches in North America and throughout the Anglican Communion. While The Episcopal Church (TEC) continues to decline as it gives way to false teaching and exports a “false gospel” to the rest of the Communion, an extraordinary and miraculous coalition of Anglicans from across the spectrum of orthodox Anglicanism has come together to form the Anglican Church in North America (AC-NA). This new church is unified in building a biblically faithful, Holy Spirit empowered, missional movement that will reach the unchurched with the good news of Jesus Christ!...