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Helping leaders of local, regional, and national Anglican churches and provinces remain faithful to their biblical and apostolic roots.
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Our Reforming Initiatives

Anglican Legal Society

Uniting chancellors, attorneys, and others interested in Anglican governance

As Chancellors (Anglican lawyers) of the Province, dioceses and local congregations, we share a special interest in the legal challenges facing the Church and its mission in today’s culture. We meet to discuss these challenges, share ideas, resources, and best practices and support and pray for each other. We gather annually at the Provincial meetings of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), and by video for continuing education, sharing of best practices, and fellowship. Our network is open to non-lawyers (e.g. Bishops, Canons to the Ordinary, and others) who share our interest in canon law and religious liberty.

Bishops Leadership Summit

Building global mission partnerships for Gospel and Kingdom impact

In September 2018, the American Anglican Council hosted the first annual Bishops Leadership Summit in Glen Eyrie, CO, to partner bishops from dioceses in the Anglican Church in North America with bishops from dioceses in the Global South and GAFCON. The purpose of this AAC Summit is to build global mission partnerships for Gospel and Kingdom impact between biblically-faithful bishops and their dioceses across the Anglican Communion. The mission partnerships are based on the shared confession of faith and mutual missional relationships in sections one and two of the Global South Cairo Covenant (2019).

The signs of frustration


Expected to do it all, with nowhere to turn.

burn out

Expected to do it all, with nowhere to turn.

at risk

Expected to do it all, with nowhere to turn.

Want to help reform the church?

Although the times have changed, the need to reaffirm what we believe, why we believe it, and how our Fundamental Declarations shape our response to the issues of the day remains the same. For this reason, the AAC released The Daniel Declaration:  A Call to Mission, A Place to Stand.  Read the Declaration and find out how to plug in to the AAC’s reforming work.

In service to
the anglican church in north america

At the heart of our Anglican polity—our Anglican “decision-making process”—is the principle of conciliarism. Reforming the Church means taking council together, just as the apostolic church did in the great Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. It is a way that we walk together in the light (I John 1:7-9) so that we are truly a one, holy, apostolic, and catholic church in Christ.  In that spirit, the Governance Task Force of the ACNA regularly proposes amendments to the provincial canons for review by all members of the Church.