One of the true lay visionaries in the Anglican Church in North America, and a founding member of the American Anglican Council and honorary Canon thereof, has been promoted from our ranks in the Church Militant, to the ranks of the Church Triumphant. Let me share a little about Canon Trane. He was a long-time … Read More

In our journey through this world we sometimes look around, see the emerging social, cultural and spiritual chaos and wish for the “good ol’ days.”  In fact, I remember the “good ol’ days” fairly well, and there were quite a few things that we have left behind that I don’t wish for us to revisit ever again. I do remember … Read More

  Dear Friends of the Anglican Realignment,   If you have been following the papers you may be aware of the Klein family in Oregon who have operated a bakery, and are devout Christians. In their bakery they sell their wares to everyone who comes in, but part of their business is custom cake decorating, … Read More