For those of you who are new to reading these Church Revitalization articles on the American Anglican Council’s weekly update, I wanted to let you know the vision for them and the topics they’ll cover. In the introductory article, I wrote, “struck by the letters “v-i-t-a-l” [in Revitalization] I found that another definition of “vital” … Read More

Wait, what? Why would I be writing about Lent in 2018 when it’s only October, 2017? For church leaders, it is easy to get caught up in what’s known as the “tyranny of the urgent.” We get focused on the next Sunday, the next meeting, the next pastoral care need, and the next thing we … Read More

Have you realized how we tend to notice things we might otherwise overlook in our homes when we have guests coming? You know, the dust on the bookshelf or the dirt on the baseboards or the junk mail on the counter. Those things are fine when it’s just “us” and they will be dealt with … Read More