Article IV: Until He Return

12/18/2013By fcapitanioFeatured, Video

In this week’s Anglican Perspective Canon Ashey examines the last portion of Article IV of the 39 Articles concerning Christ’s coming again.  Sign up for the Anglican Perspective email.

Article IV: Anglican Perspective

11/15/2013By fcapitanioFeatured, Video

Canon Ashey discusses Article IV of the 39 Articles of Religion.   IV. Of the Resurrection of Christ. Christ did truly rise again from death, and took again his body, with flesh, bones, and all things appertaining to the perfection of Man’s nature; wherewith he ascended into Heaven, and there sitteth, until he return to … Read More

Article 3: Of the going down of Christ into Hell

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Article 3 of the 39 Articles of Religion says: As Christ died for us, and was buried, so also is it to be believed, that he went down into hell. In this week’s Anglican Perspective Canon Phil Ashey explores the Biblical texts that support this article and what it means to us today. Anglican Perspective is … Read More

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

05/31/2013By fcapitanioCurrent News

By Robert Lundy, Communications Officer, AAC   The other day I posted on the American Anglican Council’s (AAC) Facebook page the definition of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism and was surprised by the number of people who reused that information and shared it on their own Facebook profile. Now the AAC’s social media pull is not the same as … Read More