The following was written by the Rev. Dr. Jessica Jones, Canon for Next Generation Discipleship for the Gulf Atlantic Diocese, and Director of Family Ministry for the Anglican Church in North America. It is published here by permission, and we are grateful for her work in serving the families of the church, especially during this … Read More

Crown Financial Offers Free Resources to Help The American Anglican Council strongly recommends Crown Financial and all their financial resources, advice, and tools. They now offer a COVID-19 resource below. Please check out their website and share with those you think may benefit from their work! KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE – With the COVID-19 global pandemic … Read More

The following was written by the Rev. Justin Murff, Executive Director of the Mena Collective, a global giving community supporting fellow Christian communities throughout the Greater Middle East and North Africa. We are grateful for this Holy Week resource as we are given the opportunity to join in with brothers and sisters across the globe. For the … Read More