The American Anglican Council has recently been named a primary resource for information, encouragement and resources by the Anglican Church in North America. Along with Anglican Compass, the AAC will continue to publish news and updates on the church’s struggle during this pandemic from an Anglican perspective. We are grateful to Archbishop Beach and Canon … Read More

At a time when churches are scrambling online to serve the faithful, we are grateful for technological advancements that allow us to come together despite our isolation. Many churches are pushing back the darkness of anxiety and despair through innovative ways to care for their members. Hopeful stories of encouragement, outreach, and service are rising … Read More

Anglicans are pushing back the darkness of the pandemic in which we now find ourselves. In one community after another, hope is being brought to those in despair and isolation. Healing is happening through the service of sincere and loving Christians. In the online clergy covenant care group to which I belong, I listened today … Read More