Leading a local church during a major time of change is clearly hard. We know this because we’ve all been doing it this year. It’s not just something we’ve read about in a book. A major reason it’s hard is that it requires changing the way we do things. It means letting go of ways … Read More

I hesitate to use a football analogy for our current situation, given its difficulty. My fear is that it will stir up emotions in you regarding athletes kneeling for the National Anthem or the loss of the normal college football schedules due to COVID19. Could any of us ever imagine a time when rivalry games … Read More

A common trap in the Church is a lack of focus. The late Zig Ziglar summed it up best: “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” Yet that’s how the Church often approaches its call to fulfill the Great Commission. In a zeal to reach anyone churches attempt to speak to everyone … Read More