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Remembering St. Patrick and Celtic Christian evangelism

 Tomorrow we celebrate the Feast of St. Patrick, the patron saint and evangelist of Ireland. Saint Patrick’s day, I’m proud to say, reminds me of my family roots:  both my maternal grandparents emigrated from Ireland following the 1916 war of independence and the hostilities that broke out. My grandfather, John McBratney, left Northern Ireland first...
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Let the Vision Drive the Decision

Vision is so often a part of the discussion when trying to bring health and growth to a local church. And rightly so. One of the sessions in our ReVive! Church Revitalization seminar is dedicated to vision and core values. But why? Why is having a clear, well defined, and memorable vision so important to...
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Good news for Anglicans from the mission field

(from left to right: Lucas Seithel, Agape Year Co-Directors Erika and Nate Twitchell and Caleb Collins)   Amid much bad news about false teaching in the Anglican Communion, litigation against Biblically faithful Anglican congregations and disciplinary actions against their clergy, there is some good news—so I’d like to share some from the March 7-9, 2018 meeting of...
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