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What Developing Faithful Leaders Looks Like

The American Anglican Council’s (AAC) mission is, “to build up and defend Great Commission Anglican churches in North America and worldwide through advocacy and counsel, leadership development and equipping the local church.”  We can count this week as another one where we lived in to that mission. Nine rectors from South Carolina and one from...
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On the Road with Canon Phil: Bringing Sudanese-American Anglicans Together

Overland Park, KS:  One of the core values of the American Anglican Council is Catalytic Leadership:  We bring leaders, movements, churches and resources together to build Great Commission Anglican churches.   So, on Friday May18-Saturday May 19, the American Anglican Council partnered with the Anglican Diocese in New England (Bishop Bill Murdoch) and the ACNA to host...
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Want your church to grow? Do this.

This Sunday is Whitsunday, or, Pentecost Sunday. It’s impossible to fully grasp all that happened when the Holy Spirit was poured out on Pentecost. However, I’d like to draw your attention to two events that took place that day. 1)There was a Demonstration of God’s Glory followed by 2) a Proclamation of God’s Gospel. Those...
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