Have you got what it takes to revitalize?

Leading a church through revitalization isn’t for everyone. It’s a long, challenging process that is worth the reward but not all are called to do it. Are you considering beginning the process of Church Revitalization in your current congregation? Are you a priest wondering whether or not you should take a job at a parish that is in need of revitalization? This free assessment, developed by Asbury Seminary, will give you some insight in to your skillset and whether or not it lines up with those of a typical church revitalization leader. The link below will take you to the assessment which is hosted by Asbury Seminary in conjunction with the American Anglican Council’s Anglican Revitalization Ministries.

After you take the assessment, feel free to contact our Director of Anglican Revitalization Ministries, The Rev. Canon Mark Eldredge, so we can find out more about your congregation and how we can serve you.
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