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you don't have to lead alone.

The Clergy Leadership Academy (CLA) resources clergy at all stages of ministry to grow in Christlikeness and leadership. Through Clergy Care and Recovery Groups and the Anglican Missional Pastors program, CLA fosters faithfulness, courage, and resilience for Gospel ministry in an increasingly secular culture. Become equipped to stay the course by exploring the opportunities below.

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The Daniel Leadership Institute’s Clergy Care Groups serve as life support for those in ordained ministry. They are focused on supporting one another, growing in Christlikeness, and holding one another mutually accountable. Over 125 clergy through 25 groups have already experienced the fruit of this model: accountability, support, prayer and friendship. 

The Anglican Missional Pastors (AMP) is a two-year formational cohort that serves as a character (heart) and skills (hands) supplement to academic seminary training (head). This synthesis provides emerging Anglican leaders an opportunity for in-depth formation through the teaching of prominent Anglican thinkers in their region for ongoing support and relationship.