• Helping Members Find Their Ministry

    When I was a new rector I came into the position all excited with ideas for helping people find their ministry. Quickly I heard old-timers saying things like, “I hope you’re not planning on having us do another Spiritual Gift Inventory,” or “We’ve all taken spiritual gift inventories before and nothing ever happened, it’s a waste of time.” Hmmm. That Continue Reading

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  • Restoring broken relationships Biblically

    When relationships fall apart within the Church, it’s a tragedy.  It compromises our witness to the transforming love of Jesus Christ. Very often, it paralyzes us with conflict that becomes personal instead of being focused on the vision, values and strategies for ministry that we can negotiate and resolve.   I see conflict in many parts of the Church—vestries, search Continue Reading

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  • Take Courage, God IS With You!

    Fulfilling the Great Commission takes courage. Fulfilling the Great Commission in a local congregation that has been in maintenance mode or declining for a while takes even more courage. Why? Because it requires leading the church through change. And whenever there is change, there is a loss, and whenever there is a loss, there is pain. It’s a fearful thing Continue Reading

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  • Creating Authentic Community

    One of the five VITAL aspects of church health which will lead to church ReVITALization is Authentic Community. That’s the “A” in VITAL that we teach in our ReVive! workshop. The principle is that there must be genuine love for one another in the church if it is to be healthy and grow. I’ve learned that two of the most Continue Reading

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