• Preaching For A Change

    There’s a difference in preaching and teaching. Certainly, preaching contains teaching, however preaching is more – at least it should be. The goal of preaching is the transformation of lives. I once heard someone say that “preaching goes for the guts.” I liked that and often have that in the back of my mind when preparing sermons. Please don’t be Continue Reading

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  • Moving beyond the shadows of Canterbury

    Thoughts on Dr. Martin Davies' Review of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s latest book, “Reimagining Britain”   “For the law possesses a shadow of the good things to come but not the reality itself, and is therefore completely unable, by the same sacrifices offered continually, year after year, to perfect those who come to worship.”  Hebrews 10: 1 (NET)   One of Continue Reading

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  • Communicate the Commission

    You’re no doubt familiar with the saying that the three most important things in real estate are, “Location, Location, Location.” Similarly, it seems the three most important things when it comes to trying to motivate a congregation to become missional are, “Communication, Communication, Communication.”   Church Revitalization is hard. And, the longer a church is plateaued or in decline and Continue Reading

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  • Conciliar Anglicanism?

    by Gerald McDermott   A new book by Phil Ashey proposes a solution to the heresy and division of the Anglican Communion.   Ashey is the Director of the American Anglican Council.  He serves as the canon lawyer for the Anglican Church of North America.  His Anglican Conciliarism: The Church Meeting to Decide Together argues that the undivided Church of the first Continue Reading

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  • Let the Vision Drive the Decision

    Vision is so often a part of the discussion when trying to bring health and growth to a local church. And rightly so. One of the sessions in our ReVive! Church Revitalization seminar is dedicated to vision and core values. But why? Why is having a clear, well defined, and memorable vision so important to church health? That’s what I Continue Reading

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