Reconciliation: Anglican Perspective

02/06/2013By The Rev. Canon Phil AsheyVideo

Source:  AAC Anglican Perspective February 6, 2013 “Reconciliation” is a commonly used word within the church and especially the Anglican Communion. With serious theological disputes and member provinces under physical attack from Islamic extremists, the concept of reconciliation can be very attractive and even necessary. In this week’s Anglican Perspective, Canon Phil Ashey of the … Read More

GlobalView – “Put me on the air”

02/05/2013By American Anglican CouncilCurrent News

The following article by Bishop Bill Atwood first appeared in the February 5, 2013 edition of the AAC’s International Update. Sign up for this free email here. This week, the House of Bishops in Kenya is meeting. In their role of leadership in the church, the bishops meet to take counsel together and pray, to study … Read More