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The signs of frustration


Expected to do it all, with nowhere to turn.

burn out

Expected to do it all, with nowhere to turn.

at risk

Expected to do it all, with nowhere to turn.

The signs of frustration


You feel like you're expected to do it all on your own.


You feel overworked, under-supported, and overwhelmed.


You feel ineffective and may be a risk of moral failure.

The signs of fruitful ministry


Supported in God’s call and growth in Christ.


Equipped to stand in the face of challenges and opposition.


Strengthened to remain faithful on your journey.

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Our Mission

To develop faithful, courageous, and resilient leaders
for today's church.

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We help you move from frustration to fruitfulness.

We know how challenging ministry can be, so we have been providing clergy care and leadership training to hundreds of ACNA clergy since 2012.

Each of our academies is designed to be relevant to the real needs of real church leaders.

Choose the Initiative designed for your ministry

And connect with other leaders to unlock your potential through fellowship, prayer, and spiritual growth.

Lay Leadership Academy

Find mutual encouragement, education, and prayer with resources on engaging today’s culture, training for vestry members, courses on evangelism, and more.

Clergy Leadership Academy

Resources that focus on spiritual disciplines and ministry leadership practices for new clergy, those in transition, and those preparing for retirement.

Bishops Leadership Academy

A multi-day learning and formation gathering for bishops at all stages of ministry.


You don’t have to lead alone.


A Word from our participants

"The group is a formative place to tend to my own soul’s health while walking with other brothers in Christ as they do the same. It is one of the very few clergy settings that doesn’t try to offer advice but intentionally listens and seeks to point me to Jesus as we study and uphold one another in prayer. "
The Rev. Andrew Petta
Rector of St. Barnabus Anglican Church, Ft. Worth, TX on Clergy Care Groups
“Bishops can often struggle to find others with whom they can share the challenges of ministry. Coming here has connected me with those who are a little further along the episcopal journey. Aside from the ministry resources this leadership academy provides, this personal connection is invaluable.”
The Rt. Rev. Andrew Williams
Bishop, Anglican Diocese in New England on the Bishops Leadership Academy
“The programming we received is thoughtful, challenging, and encouraging. The facilitators are informed and experienced, and the readings are academic, practical, and encouraging, allowing for personal reflection and development. We have been rooted in prayer, scripture, and heartfelt worship. I am so thankful for the AAC’s leadership in building this program and for the relationships I am building through it.”
The Rev. Daniel Shoemake
Rector of Good Samaritan Anglican Church, Buford, GA on Anglican Missional Pastors

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Frequently asked questions?

No. The AAC is an independent nonprofit organization centered primarily on advocacy, education, counsel and advice (legal and otherwise), and education. We do not carry out ordinations or consecrations and are considered a non-ecclesial body that comes alongside dioceses and provinces to aid in strengthening biblical orthodoxy across ecclesial lines.

The American Anglican Council, which began in 1996, played an important role in helping to found the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). The ACNA officially began December 3, 2008, at the culmination of a three-day meeting of the Common Cause Council, a leadership assembly that included three representatives from each of the nine Common Cause Partners Federation members. The council unanimously adopted a provisional constitution and nine initial canons that governed the church until a Provincial Assembly met June 22 – 25, 2009 in Bedford, Texas. That meeting amended and provided final ratification of the constitution and canons and installed the ACNA’s first Archbishop, Bob Duncan of the Pittsburgh diocese. The current Archbishop is the Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach. Several Anglican provinces have recognized the Anglican Church in North America and are in full communion with them. These include:

  • The Anglican Church of Nigeria
  • The Anglican Church of Kenya
  • The Church of Uganda
  • The Anglican Church of the Southern Cone of America
  • Province de L’Eglise Anglicane au Rwanda
  • The Anglican Church of Tanzania
  • The Episcopal Church of Jerusalem and the Middle East
  • Province de L’Eglise Anglicane Du Congo
  • The Church of the Province of South East Asia

Lambeth 1.10 was a “resolution on human sexuality” passed by the 1998 Lambeth Conference; it has since been upheld by each of the other three instruments of Anglican unity as the Communion’s mind on human sexuality. The resolution upholds, among other things:

  • marriage defined as “between a man and a woman in a lifelong union”
  • abstinence for those who are not called to marriage
  • homosexual practice as “incompatible with Scripture”
  • rejection of “legitimising or blessing of same sex unions” and of ordination of “those involved in same gender unions”
  • recognition of the need to “minister pastorally and sensitively” to all, including those who practice homosexuality

Lambeth 1.10 (Full Text)

The AAC’s Covenant of Faith (“A Place to Stand”) states our position on the sanctity of life: “All human life is a sacred gift from God and is to be protected and defended from conception to natural death. We will uphold the sanctity of life and bring the grace and compassion of Christ to those who face the realities of previous abortion, unwanted pregnancy, and end-of-life illness.” We stand with the Scriptures and the tradition of the Church in supporting the right to life for all children.

Our promise to you...

You'll be cared for and supported.
You'll be equipped for fruitful ministry in your context.
You'll be resourced to stay the course for many years ahead.
You'll join the ranks of other faithful, courageous and resilient men and women who flourish and stay the course of ministry.