All over the world followers of Jesus Christ celebrated his resurrection from the dead on Sunday—his rising bodily from death and the tomb.  We offered this video as a way to begin Easter morning with a message of hope in this time of pandemic and economic uncertainty.  Canon Phil Ashey addresses the question “What is the relevance of the resurrection,” and explains how Jesus’ rising from the dead can bring hope and new life to you and your friends.  With prayers and a closing hymn, traditional and informal, it’s a great way to worship and meditate during the Easter Season.

Would you be willing to share this with a friend? Even if they are not yet ready to commit their life to Christ, it may open some conversations with you that could turn into eternal turning points. What do you/we have to lose? And if they do want to ask further questions or comments, or want to be connected to a church or small group, please feel free to contact the AAC at, and we will help your friends make that connection!

Alleluia, Christ IS risen! The Lord is Risen indeed, ALLELUIA!

PS: Looking for a similar resource for children and families? I highly recommend “The Lego Easter Story” on YouTube at It’s a 5-minute stop motion animated retelling of the Easter story using Legos. Beginning with the Last Supper and going through he Empty Tomb and the Resurrection and ending with John 3:16.

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