LOGANVILLE, GA – About 30 people attended the American Anglican Council’s Renew Conference at Holy Cross Anglican Cathedral in Loganville, GA, from August 27-28th. Renew is part of the AAC’s Anglican Revitalization Ministries led by Canon Mark Eldredge, and it focuses on the power and presence of the Holy Spirit for gospel witness.

The Loganville Renew weekend resulted from a conversation between the Very Rev. Michael Guernsey, Dean of Holy Cross, and Canon Phil Ashey during which Dean Michael asked if the AAC had resources for understanding the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit in parish life. Anglican Revitalization Ministries had just such a conference to help bring clarity to a topic that often leaves many in confusion—How does the Holy Spirit work in our lives, and how do we pursue his presence?

Sindhu Giedd, Director of Worship at the Cathedral, led worship for the conference, and the topics addressed were the Purpose of Pentecost, the Person and Ministry of Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts, the Holy Spirit in the Message and Ministry of Jesus, and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Both Canon Phil and the Rev. Alan Hansen spoke at the event. In addition to teaching, prayer ministry with a specific emphasis on receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit for ministry was offered. In answer to a question about the greatest barrier to revival in the church today, the leadership replied “prayerlessness.” As a result, there was significant emphasis during the conference on deeper commitment to prayer for revival in the church both locally and nationally.

Renew also addresses the powerlessness believers can feel when circumstances in the culture seem beyond their control. The message of Renew is that the power of the Holy Spirit connects them to Jesus and his life within so that they can share him with others as a truly loving and caring presence in their communities. 

The next Renew will be at Christ our Hope Anglican Church in Westpoint, TN from September 24-25th. Another will be at Christ Church in Savannah, GA, October 22nd-23rd. If you are interested in bringing renewal to your local parish or would like to attend one of the conferences in your area, please contact the Rev. Canon Mark Eldredge at meldredge@americananglican.org.

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