Why join?

Joining the American Anglican Council as an individual affiliate has many benefits. Primarily, you will:

  • Receive weekly email updates that help you stay informed
  • Receive a free copy of our quarterly newsletter, Encompass, via email. (Printed copies are available via U.S. mail for active donors)
  • Receive an AAC lapel pin upon joining
  • Be part of a broad-based support system
  • Know you are making a difference in these difficult times


How to join:

Please read the AAC's statement of faith, A Place to Stand, prior to joining (Read the AAC's Statement of Faith Here). After reading the AAC's Statement of Faith, fill out the individual affiliate form below.


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I have carefully and prayerfully read "A Place to Stand", the AAC's statement of faith, and I wish to become an AAC affiliate.


Information updates:

To notify us of a change of email address, mailing address, phone, or other information, please email nperry@americananglican.org. Please be sure to include your old and new information.

*Note: If you are not able to download the AAC's Statement of Faith would like the AAC to mail you a hard copy of the it, please call or write the AAC office at the address or fill out our online feedback form with your request. Click here to access the online feedback form.