Atlanta, GA:  The American Anglican Council welcomes the election of The Rt. Rev. Dr. Foley Beach as the next Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America. “Archbishop-elect Beach loves Jesus Christ and loves His Church,” said the Rev. Canon Phil Ashey, CEO of the American Anglican Council. “I have seen Bishop +Foley preach the good news of Jesus Christ, personally disciple others and lead his congregation with great passion and prayerfulness and we are thankful for his election.”


Archbishop-elect Beach has served on the American Anglican Council’s Board of Trustees for several years. His active participation has greatly helped the Council develop faithful leaders, equip the church for mission and renew orthodox Anglicanism.


“I’ve been privileged to watch and work with Foley in his ministry as rector of Holy Cross Anglican Church, then Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of the South and also on our Board,” said the Rt. Rev. David C. Anderson, President and Chairmen of the American Anglican Council’s Board of Trustees. Bishop Anderson has recognized for many years Archbishop-elect Beach’s character and service-oriented heart. “When I was consecrated as a Bishop I asked Foley to be my chaplain and he graciously agreed. He not only prayed with me and offered advice but did the little things like help carry my robes. I appreciated his clear-headed demeanor and humble willingness to serve during those days and know the ACNA will appreciate these qualities also.”


About the American Anglican Council: Founded in 1996, the American Anglican Council is a nonprofit organization that is committed to DEVELOPING faithful lead­ers, RENEWING orthodox Anglicanism worldwide and EQUIPPING the church for mission. Find out more about this vital ministry at


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