The American Anglican Council’s Mission Statement in part reads, “By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, the mission of the American Anglican Council is to build up and defend Great Commission Anglican churches in North America and worldwide through advocacy and counsel, leadership development and equipping the local church.”

In these weekly updates, we often have articles and videos about our efforts in providing “advocacy and counsel” and “equipping the local church” within Anglicanism both locally and globally. In this article we want to highlight the important work of “leadership development.”

For many years the AAC has offered a Clergy Leadership Training Institute (CLTI) to support local church clergy to have even more faithful and fruitful ministries – the healthier the clergy are, the healthier the local church is, and the more the Great Commission is fulfilled in North America and beyond. We have recently adapted our CLTI to reflect the current challenges clergy are facing in this post Christian culture we are now in. Our upgraded CLTI now consists of three conferences that span the stages of a clergy person’s ministry:

CLTI – Foundations in Leadership

For all new clergy who have been in ministry up to five years which helps leaders learn foundational leadership principles and practices that will set them up for a lifetime of successful ministry. A wide range of topics are addressed including spiritual disciplines, integrity, communication, conflict management and leading change well.

In October we had a successful CLTI Foundations in Thomasville, GA with clergy from the Gulf Atlantic Diocese. Our primary presenter was Archbishop Duncan who passed on wisdom to these new clergy from his 47 years of ordained ministry. Amazing!

CLTI – Fortifying Your Leadership

For all clergy leaders in ministry for five or more years which addresses the development of the leader in better understanding their strengths and weaknesses and how to lead based on who God made them to be. The focus is more character based rather than skills based. The content is centered on “The Pastor’s Heart” teaching developed by The Rev. Geoff Chapman. Each participant is encouraged to join a Clergy Covenant Care group that initially lasts five months with an option for them to continue another two years or more.

Last week we had a great CLTI Fortifying at The Cove in Asheville, NC. This picture at right was taken in front of the giant fireplace as it was too cold to go outside with the mountains in the background! This was again, a truly life and ministry transforming time for all involved.

CLTI – Finishing Well in Leadership

For all clergy leaders at or near the end of their full-time ministry. This training helps clergy end well where they are and transition to the next stage of their life as well as set their congregation up for success through effective succession planning.

We have an upcoming CLTI Finishing Well in Houston, TX on February 4-6, 2019. If you are ordained and are around 10 or less years away from “retirement” (we are aware that this word cannot be found in the Bible), please join us! The Rev. Geoff Chapman who just “finished well” after 24 years at St. Steven’s Sewickley, PA will join us to present at this also. Please go to our website at and check out the CLTI page for more information and how to register.

The American Anglican Council is committed to developing faithful leaders in our movement and will continue to offer these three CLTI’s, so stay tuned for more dates and opportunities in 2020 and in years to come!


Canon Mark Eldredge is the AAC’s Director of Church Revitalization and Coaching

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