For many of us in the realignment, the move from one church to another has been both painful and exhilarating. Leaving behind theological nonsense, gamesmanship, and betrayal, we have been able to move into a unity of faith on essentials and a gracious generosity in areas secondary and tertiary. Some things are still needing resolution, but building relationships of trust comes before we tackle the areas that are harder. Many congregations, in making the transition to the Anglican Church in North America, have been sued by their former denomination, had their church buildings confiscated, often with the connivance of ignorant or biased judges, and yet we have worked hard to simply glance in the rear view mirror and put our focus on what is ahead and where we are going.


It is one thing to lose pensions, health insurance and church buildings to a faithless and vindictive former denomination, but what is now emerging in the secular society is far more frightening. You wonder what I am referring to and where I am going with this? In the last few weeks the lesbian mayor of Houston, Texas has declared war on committed Christians, and especially the pastors of the Houston community. What she has done, or what her staff has done, is beyond belief. Apparently she wants to make all restrooms in Houston open to members of any gender who feel that they belong in the Men’s or Women’s restrooms. So ladies have to put up with some guy in their toilet because he thinks or feels that he is, in his heart of hearts, really a woman. Same scenario for the Men’s room. This is part of the mayor’s campaign to push the transgendered community’s agenda on the general population – but it didn’t go as planned.


Houston Mayor Annise Parker

Bible-believing pastors preached about this type of sexual confusion, commented on it in Sunday School lessons, spoke about it in other public venues and wrote about it in their church communications. The mayor wasn’t pleased, so she demanded that the court enforce an order that subpoenaed the clergy’s sermons, text messages, teachings and comments, so the mayor could review them. No, seriously, this is not a joke, or a bad made-up story, we couldn’t make up this stuff. Fox News covered it several days ago  but I had to research it and read it from other sources before I could believe it was true. Rather than my restating everything that has transpired, you may want to briefly go to several sites and read the news articles and then come back to my commentary.


Several days ago a number of clergy and laity from various solidly Christian groups met here in the Atlanta area, and one pastor from Texas, in a discussion of the Houston events surrounding the mayor and her trampling of several First Amendment rights, and the laid-back attitude people had about electing a homosexual mayor in the first place, said, “Sad to say – yes.  Too many people thought that electing a gay mayor for Houston was no big deal.  Just another way we underestimate the gay agenda.” And so she was elected, and now she and her staff are acting like the government of Germany in the 1930’s.


When you drive into Texas, you usually see a large sign that cautions, DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS. I don’t know about you, but I take that seriously. Apparently the mayor of Houston thought she could remake the culture of Houston to fit her own LGBT beliefs and bully those who wouldn’t roll over easily. It would seem that she miscalculated, and so overreached that there is a significant push back from not only Christian organizations, but now from the Texas Attorney General.  His office has released a statement that is worth reading.


The AG tells the mayor’s attorney to back off and drop the demands. The mayor and city attorney are now trying to throw everyone else under the bus, saying they didn’t know what was going on. Right, if you believe that you may also believe the White House in Washington and the CDC in Atlanta when they assure you that there is no danger to anyone from Ebola.


If there is any silver lining to this storm cloud, it is that the general public has now seen how quickly the LGBT community is ready to trample on everyone else’s Constitutional rights to advance their cause. The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered agenda is going to be crammed down the throats of the Christian community unless the Christians are willing to put up a fierce fight with sustained vigor. If we aren’t up for the fight ahead we will be swept away, but if we do fight God’s fight here where we stand, we know that God fights along with us, and the power of God in us is far greater than the power which emboldens the mayor of Houston (I John 4:4).


I hope that this Houston event wakes up some of our slumbering Christians and helps them to smell the coffee.  Be strong in the Lord and resist evil where ever you find it.


Bishop David Anderson is President & Chairman of the American Anglican Council’s Board of Trustees. 

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