Clergy Leadership Training Institute

will be held May 5-7, 2020 in Houston, TX
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The CLTI engages and teaches clergy at certain moments in their careers: beginning clergy, mid-career clergy, and clergy in transition through 3-day teaching retreats. Along with career-point appropriate sessions, every retreat seeks to engage clergy in a Covenant Care group or Ministry Skills cohort as well as a coaching relationship. Since 2012, CLTI retreats have averaged 17 participants. Each day includes teaching sessions, meditations, small group reflection, quiet time, “fireside chats”, and worship. The topics of the three CLTI’s are:

Laying Foundations in Leadership

For all clergy who have been in ministry between 1 and 5 years. CLTI #1, Foundations, helps newly ordained leaders learn foundational leadership principles and practices that will set them up for a lifetime of successful ministry. A wide range of topics are addressed including spiritual disciplines, integrity, communication, conflict management and leading change well. Ministry Skills cohorts and coaching are offered following the Foundations retreat.

Cultivating Your Leadership

For leaders in ministry for five or more years. CLTI #2, Cultivations, addresses the development of leadership by better understanding strengths and weaknesses both in gifting and character. This retreat seeks to cultivate the heart through a focus on spiritual disciplines, maintaining good character in the midst of ministry, and developing healthy clergy relationships for support and encouragement. Each Cultivations participant is encouraged to join a Clergy Covenant Care group. These covenant groups initially last 5 months with an option for them to continue for another two years or more.

Transitioning in Leadership

Designed to help clergy lead through times of transition effectively, CLTI #3, Transitions, is a retreat for those who may be ending their career in ministry, moving from a position as assistant priest to a position as rector, going from one church to another, or for those in the midst any other significant change. This opportunity will help you learn to finish well where you are and set your congregation up for success.  As in CLTI #2, each participant is encouraged to join a Clergy Covenant Care group.

Register for the next Finishing Well Conference, to be held on May 5-7, 2020 in Houston, TX. Find out more about this CLTI and register here. If you have questions about CLTI or would like to host a conference in your diocese, contact the Rev. Canon Mark Eldredge at 904-608-0047 or