Clergy Leadership Training Institute


Several years ago, a survey of Anglican clergy in the U.S. and Canada revealed that a majority were interested in coaching and peer support on topics like:

  • The leader's walk with God - spiritual disciplines
  •  How to prevent burnout and moral failure
  •  How to cultivate a healthy marriage
  •  Resources for preaching
  •  Peer support and fellowship - to be able to talk to other pastors and learn from their experience

The Clergy Leadership Training Institute's purpose is to address these needs. It will focus on the "four C's" of clergy leadership development: character, competency, compound results, and church conflict skills. This training will also equip clergy to raise up and develop other leaders, fostering a culture of leadership that is healthy, holy and missional.

What is the structure of the Clergy Leadership Training Institute?

The CLTI is a three year program designed to train clergy in small congregations to be spiritually healthy, effective leaders. Every 9-12 months, participants will gather with a small group of peers and meet for four days for training, one-on-one counseling, and fellowship. Each gathering will feature a different Christian leader with expertise in a particular area of need. These areas are:

  1. The leader's walk with God
  2. The ministry life of the leader
  3. Leading a growing church

Each gathering will also include teaching and discussion on how to deal with conflict. The clergy will form into peer accountability groups that will meet between gatherings and after the CLTI is completed. These groups will use leadership study lessons by EQUIP Ministries. Click here to see a sample lesson.

Our goal is for Anglican clergy to be spiritually healthy, effective leaders of growing congregations.

CLTI Featured Leaders

David RoseberryThe Rev. Canon David Roseberry
Topic: Leading a Growing Church

The Rev. Canon David Roseberry is the founding pastor of Christ Church in Plano, Texas. He and his wife, Fran, planted the church in 1985 with a vision for the growing community. Christ Church was built on the principles of lay ministry, evangelistic preaching, and small group ministry. Since then, the church has grown to become the largest Anglican church in North America and leader of the Anglican 1,000 movement seeking to plant 1,000 churches within five years. Fr. Roseberry has been an ordained priest since 1983 and is known for his expertise in casting vision, strategic planning, team building and sustained giving.


Jim Osterhaus resizedDr. Jim Osterhaus, Conflict Curriculum Developer and Consultant

Dr. Osterhaus has coached dozens of ministers from diverse traditions around the country. He holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from American University and has served on two church staffs where he directed counseling services and fulfilled a host of pastoral functions. Dr. Osterhaus is a senior partner with TAG Consulting, where he coaches executives in the non-profit sector, churches, government and business to help them move through change, conflict, and reorganization. Author of 'Thriving through Ministry Conflict: By Understanding Your Red and Blue Zones,' Dr. Osterhaus argues that church conflict doesn't have to be an enemy that tears a congregation apart. He says that by learning how to handle it wisely, pastors and church leaders can make resistance one of their most valuable allies


Fr.McGlynn ResziedThe Rev. Canon Dr. J. Douglas McGlynn,

Fr. McGlynn is Professor of Parish Ministry and Homiletics, and Director of Field Education at Nashotah House Seminary.

Fr. McGlynn has divided his years as a priest between exercising parish ministry and teaching others to do so. He served as Rector of parishes in Missouri, Kansas, and Honolulu. The zenith of his parish ministry was his thirteen years at the Church of the Ascension in Pittsburgh, which under his leadership became a strong parish with worship often described as a remarkable combination of Catholic Order, biblical preaching and a measure of charismatic freedom.

As a teacher he has demonstrated considerable versatility, teaching New Testament to undergraduates at Missouri State University, Liturgics at Trinity School for Ministry and Homiletics at Nashotah House.

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