The first step in a church’s revitalization is admitting the need for revitalization. One way to know if your church needs revitalization is to do an honest assessment of where it is in the church’s life cycle. A church’s lifecycle consists of three primary stages: Incline, Recline, and Decline.

Read these brief descriptions below of each life cycle stage thinking about which stage most reflects the current state of your church.

Church Lifecycle Stages


The life cycle stage when the church is increasing its ministry capacity, doing more and more ministry better and better over time, yielding both numerical and spiritual growth. Non-believers are becoming Christians and lives are being transformed.


The life cycle stage when the church’s ministry capacity levels off as the church does more or less the same ministry year after year at the same levels of quality and quantity. Numerical growth levels off and the quality of ministry levels off at a place that is acceptable to the existing members, often less than what is needed to bring in and hold newcomers. This is often referred to as “maintenance.”


The life cycle stage when the church’s ministry capacity decreases.  Less and less ministry is done year after year with execution more and more comprised, yielding both shrinking membership, shrinking budgets, worn out volunteers, and not seeing lives being transformed.

As you think about your congregation, do you think you are in Incline, Recline, or Decline? Be honest. Instinctively you probably know. If you even think you are in Recline or Decline you could benefit from church revitalization as church revitalization is all about, helping churches in Recline or Decline get back to Incline.

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