Interested in ReVive! Church Revitalization from the American Anglican Council?


Step 1: 

First, be sure to download and read the important information on our Revive flyer. If you want your church to get involved, contact the Rev. Canon Mark Elderedge by filling out the contact form below. You can also call Canon Mark directly at ‭(904) 608-0047‬.


Step 2: 

If you're the church senior-clergy, take the Revive! Clergy Self-Assessment. The results will be submitted to Canon Mark before your follow up conversation.


Step 3: 

Talk with Canon Mark about next steps. Here is when you would identify a good time for a Revive! weekend in your church, and secure the dates through filling out the Revive! Client Workshop Agreement and sending in your deposit to the AAC office.


Step 4: 

Receive your Revive! packet (sent to you by the AAC office) and review the information to begin promoting and preparing for your Revive! weekend.


Step 5: 

Take the Revive! Church Health Assessment.


Step 6: 

Revive! your church!


Step 7: 

Participate in our 6-month follow-up coaching plan.


Contact Canon Mark Elderedge

This form will send your questions/thoughts and contact information to our Director of Church Revitalization, Canon Mark Eldredge. You can also call Canon Mark directly at ‭(904) 608-0047‬.