About Revive!

Church revitalization is about bringing new life to existing congregations that are in maintenance or decline. Many congregations are in need of revitalization. Even church plants, in time, will need revitalization. The American Anglican Council ReVive! Workshop will bring the passion and principles to any local congregation or diocese that, if applied, will produce new life, even if a church has been in decline for many years. Having healthy, Great Commission Anglican churches is God's will for the Global Communion. The ReVive! Workshop emphasizes strategies to bring health and growth to any size congregation. The first session addresses personal renewal that helps breathe new life into the church, and in addition, there is a session on leading the church through change, crucial to revitalization being more than just a good idea. 


Our 3 Main Components

Revive! Church Health Assessment - a tool that helps a congregation’s leadership understand their strength’s and weaknesses. Developed by Dr. Winfield Bevins and Asbury Seminary, the Church Health Assessment is a qualitative and quantitative analysis of a congregation that takes in to account data from the entire congregation. To complete the assessment, visit the Health Assessment webpage.

ReVive! Workshop– typically a Saturday gathering of local church leaders and members designed to begin steps for improved fellowship (relationships within the church), performance (achieving set goals), Worship, and outreach (local mission – the neighborhood around your church). Our workshop leaders, called “coaches,” are trained and certified to come alongside the church leadership team and help them from where they are to where they want to be. The ReVive! Workshop provides clear direction for necessary steps towards a healthier church.

Workshop Syllabus

Session 1: Renewal of your heart, soul and mind
Session 2: Values and vision
Session 3: Insist on Church health
Session 4: VITAL strategies
Session 5: Enacting the vision

3. Church ReVitalization Coaching – following the ReVive Workshop, the church’s leadership engages an American Anglican Council coach. The coach regularly consults with and advises the leadership team as it takes steps toward a healthier church. We believe that having a professional, independent coach is essential for congregations that want to move forward. 6 months of coaching are included with the cost of the Revive! Workshop. The AAC encourages but does not require additional coaching beyond the first 6 months. * Coaching relationships typically last from 6-18 months with coaching sessions once or twice monthly.

The church's cost for Revive! is $1850 ($100 for Church Health Assessment paid to Asbury Seminary; $500 down to secure a seminar weekend; $500 at the time of seminar; six-months of coaching invoiced at $125 a month) plus travel expenses.

Does your church need revitalization?

The first step in a church’s revitalization is admitting the need for revitalization. One way to know if your church needs revitalization is to do an honest assessment of where it is in the church’s life cycle. A church’s lifecycle consists of three primary stages: Incline, Recline, and Decline. Read these brief descriptions below of each life cycle stage thinking about which stage most reflects the current state of your church.

Church Lifecycle Stages


The life cycle stage when the church is increasing ministry capacity, doing more and more ministry better and better over time, yielding both numerical and spiritual growth. Non-believers are becoming Christians and lives are being transformed.


The life cycle stage (often referred to as "maintenance") when the church’s ministry capacity levels off as the church does the same ministry year after year at the same quality and quantity. Numerical growth and ministry capacity levels off at a place acceptable to existing members, often less than what is needed to grow.


The life cycle stage when the church’s ministry capacity decreases.  Less and less ministry is done, with execution more and more compromised, yielding both shrinking membership, shrinking budgets, worn out volunteers, and a lack of transformed lives.

As you think about your congregation, do you think you are in Incline, Recline, or Decline? Instinctively, you probably know. If you even think you are in Recline or Decline, you could benefit from Revive!, as church revitalization is all about helping churches in Recline or Decline get back to Incline. If you would like more information about our church revitalization resources, contact Canon Mark for more information or to schedule a ReVive! Seminar. You can also contact Canon Mark directly by phone at (904) 608-0047.


Interested in Revive! Church Revitalization?


Step 1 

First, be sure to download and read the important information on our Revive flyer. If you want your church to get involved, contact the Rev. Canon Mark Elderedge by filling out the contact form below. You can also call Canon Mark directly at ‭(904) 608-0047‬.


Step 2 

If you're the church senior-clergy, take the Revive! Clergy Self-Assessment. The results will be submitted to Canon Mark before your follow up conversation.


Step 3

Talk with Canon Mark about next steps. Here is when you would identify a good time for a Revive! weekend in your church, and secure the dates through filling out the Revive! Client Workshop Agreement and sending in your deposit to the AAC office.


Step 4

Receive your Revive! packet (sent to you by the AAC office) and review the information to begin promoting and preparing for your Revive! weekend.


Step 5

Take the Revive! Church Health Assessment.


Step 6

Revive! your church!


Step 7

Participate in our 6-month follow-up coaching plan.

About Canon Mark

The Rev. Canon Mark Eldredge is the Director of Church Revitalization and Coaching for the American Anglican Council. He is also the Canon for Congregational Health for the Anglican Diocese of the South. Mark was born near Buffalo, NY but grew up in Palm Coast, FL. He received his Bachelor of Science from Florida State University and his Master of Divinity from Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, PA. After serving as an Associate Priest for three years at an Episcopal Church in Midland, TX, Mark moved to Jacksonville to be the Senior Pastor of Epiphany Episcopal Church. While leading that church through revitalization, he also moved the church into what has become the Anglican Church of North America. After 14 years of parish ministry, Mark became the Director of Church Revitalization for the AAC, serving the Anglican Church in North America by helping local congregations better fulfill the Great Commission in our times. Mark is married to his best friend, Ame, has three children from ranging from 16 to 26, and has one grandson. Feel free to send your questions and contact information to Canon Mark by sending him an email or giving him a call directly at ‭(904) 608-0047‬.

If You Would Like More Information Contact:

The Rev. Canon Mark Eldredge
Director of Church Revitalization and Coaching,
The American Anglican Council

(m) 904-608-0047