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Why do we need the Holy Spirit for evangelism and mission

Several weeks ago I visited Archbishop Ben Kwashi, the new General Secretary of GAFCON. I asked him why he spoke so passionately in his book about our need for the person and power of the Holy Spirit in evangelism and mission.  his question is at the heart of our Anglican Perspective video series on the person and power of the Holy Spirit, “The Fire in the Fireplace”. In North America, in the ACNA, are we calling upon the person and power of the Holy Spirit as Archbishop Kwashi and other global Anglicans do—or are we just giving lip service to the whole idea? In response to the question “why,” Archbishop Ben opens with the assertion that the Holy Spirit is the primary agent in bringing a person to conviction, repentance and conversion. So how should we engage the Holy Spirit in our evangelism and mission here in North Americas?  Listen to what he says.


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