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Our Mission

The American Anglican Council (AAC) is a network of individuals, parishes, and ministries who affirm biblical authority and Christian orthodoxy within the Anglican Communion. Since 1996 we have sought to uphold biblical faithfulness, maintain a strong prophetic voice, develop catalytic leadership, take apostolic action, find contagious courage, pursue holy integrity, and always hope in the transforming power of prevailing prayer. The mission of the AAC is to build up and defend Great Commission Anglicanism throughout the world by developing leaders, equipping local congregations, and always reforming the Church. Our goal is to help leaders of local, regional, and national Anglican churches and provinces remain faithful to their biblical and apostolic roots, and together, to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission in the world.


Faithful Leaders: Resources & training for Anglican clergy and laity


Churches on Mission: Resources for church growth & revitalization


Global Anglicanism: Resources for international advocacy & networking

Our Priorities

  • Develop faithful leaders through training programs and clergy care groups
  • Equip local churches by providing church growth and revitalization resources
  • Counsel and defend Anglicans and Anglican churches in legal and financial distress
  • Grow a unified voice among global orthodox Anglicans based on Anglican essentials
  • Encourage ministries, programs, and projects (like the 2019 BCP) that teach and affirm biblical orthodoxy throughout the Global Anglican Communion


of a biblically faithful Anglican Communion

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