Clergy Care Groups

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What are Clergy Care Groups?

Clergy Care Groups (CCG) serve as life support for those in ordained ministry. Ministry is difficult enough when the waters are calm, but when the ministry seas are rough, it can feel impossible. CCGs are focused on praying for one another, growing in Christlikeness together, and holding each other mutually accountable. This community pattern is simple but effective. There are the four main benefits of Clergy Care Groups:


Clergy often feel they need to hide the true state of their heart and soul. Clergy Care Groups are places to be vulnerable, honest, and trust in others who can help carry struggles and provide accountability. Whether it is for implementing spiritual disciplines, addressing family matters, or battling temptations, fellow group members become accountability partners.


A primary rule in these groups is that members do not try to fix one another. Instead, groups are a place where each person can practice being a listening ear and a voice of support rather than give advice. It is also a comforting realization that many of the challenges faced are common to all. Instead of letting these problems create isolation, clergy care groups allow members to share their burdens and lift their spirits.


Many people ask clergy to pray for them, but few know how to pray for clergy. Since Clergy Care Groups allow members to be vulnerable and honest, each member knows exactly how to pray for other members in a private and safe setting.


Genuine friendship is rare among clergy who are usually not comfortable building friendship with parishioners. CCG members become friends through the shared journey of spiritual disciplines, bearing one another’s burdens, praying for one another, and fellowshipping together each week.

Many of these groups have continued for many years and new groups are continually forming. Currently, there are two types of groups available: Clergy Care Groups for general support and discipleship among clergy; and Clergy Recovery Groups for those struggling with specific addictions and temptations.

Clergy spouse care groups

Clergy aren’t the only ones who need support in ministry, so there are care groups for clergy spouses! These groups mirror the content of the clergy care groups described above. If you are the spouse of an ACNA deacon, priest, or bishop and would like more information, please contact us today!



Knowing that clergy who struggle with addictions are often isolated and afraid to admit their problem for fear of what they may lose, we have created Christ-centered groups that are SAFE and ANONYMOUS for any Anglican clergyperson who is struggling with any sexually related addiction.