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Knowing that clergy who struggle with addictions are often isolated and afraid to admit their problem for fear of what they may lose, the Daniel Leadership Institute’s Clergy Leadership Academy has created Christ-centered groups that are SAFE and ANONYMOUS for any Anglican clergyperson who is struggling with any sexually related addiction.


Wives have a unique role to play in their husbands’ sobriety, to center ourselves in God’s presence and pray our husbands receive the gift of sobriety God has to offer. Doing this alone is too hard for most of us, but together we can heal, grieve, and thrive. In this group, the wives of clergy who are sexually addicted will find support and encouragement. This group will meet weekly to talk about their unique situations, and how to bring their minds into alignment with God’s thoughts and actions, concentrating on the three C’s: I didn’t CAUSE this. I can’t CONTROL this. I can’t CURE this (but God can!).  All this is done in anonymity.

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of sexual addiction care groups and resources is to provide voluntary, theologically-based Christian support for those in the ordained ministry and/or their spouses affected by sexual addiction. The group does not provide medical, psychological, counseling, or other licensed professional services. While we may offer information about professional service providers as a resource to participants, we have no business or other relationship with any outside organization or professional providers.

Meet Chris and Jennifer Goers

Chris and Jennifer separately came to Christ in their teenage years, Jennifer through church camp and youth events and Chris through Young Life. Chris eventually became a minister at an Episcopal Church in Dallas, TX, where he met and married Jennifer, who became a minister along with him. An education from Regent College, Vancouver, Canada, complimented their desire to reach those far from God through service and community. Chris was ordained to the priesthood in June of 2006. He and Holy Spirit Anglican Church in Mobile, AL started the process of joining the Anglican Church in North America in 2009.

Being a part of the community in East Dallas helped Chris and Jennifer see that many are so far away from walking into a church, and that Christians need to walk out and invite people into their homes and their lives. This is how they formed Shared Life Community Church (now known as Life Anglican Church as a result of their community focusing on recovery within the church body). Through this work, God led them to others who were in need of freedom from pornography and sex addiction. Chris and Jennifer formed groups and a community of families who support each other as they live into the freedom God bought them through Jesus. In addition, both Chris and Jennifer have spent 2019-2022 gaining professional training in counseling to enhance their work in this area. 

"I've struggled with addiction to lust and pornography most of my life. While in seminary, I was confronted with my sin and began to see that I was an addict. With the help of this fellowship, working the steps of the AA tradition, and surrendering my will and life to the triune God of Scripture, I am walking in recovery one day at a time. If you feel powerless over lust, and life is overwhelming and unmanageable, come and join us in the virtual church basement of our clergy care groups. You do not have to walk this path alone."
Participant 1
"I have struggled with an addiction to pornography for 25 years and been in honest confession around it for 20 years. But in the past two years of my life, the Holy Spirit has brought deeper levels of healing and greater freedom to me."
Participant 2