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About the anderson trane fellows

The Anglican Church in North America’s (ACNA) future is dependent on faithful, godly leaders at every level of the Church. We need faithful, courageous, and resilient leaders, men and women, clergy and laity, who will lead our Province with missional and doctrinal fidelity in our Communion, our world, and our nation. Through this fellowship, the American Anglican Council (AAC) desires to train promising young lay leaders, ordinands, and clergy as the future leaders of our Province. Our goal is that this training will enhance their seminary studies and provide them with opportunities to pastorally apply this training in the churches and other mission contexts in which they serve.  Fellows will both build a network of future colleagues and connect with willing mentors to resource them into their future. The Anderson Trane Fellows honors the partnership between Bishop David Anderson, then President and CEO of the AAC, and Frank Trane, a lay leader, in providing leadership for biblically faithful Anglicans in the Episcopal Church and in the formation of the ACNA. It signifies the cooperation between the episcopal office and lay leaders that Bishop Anderson and Frank Trane modeled. For this reason the Anderson Trane Fellows also invites promising younger lay leaders, men and women, to participate fully, alongside those in Holy Orders, in this fellowship.

The Anderson Trane Fellowship will have five components:

  1. Two weeks at the Wittenberg Center for Reformation Studies to explore the Reformation origins of the Anglican tradition in both England and on the continent.
  2. Service in a parish, chaplaincy, or other ministry context with mentorship by an experienced and faithful bishop, clergy person, or lay leader who will help them learn to navigate the rigors of ministry at every level of the Church.
  3. Monthly Zoom meetings as a cohort to engage contemporary issues both theologically and pastorally. Monthly preparation of resources listed in the domestic component will be required.
  4. Two weeks of in-residence worldview training at Trinity School for Ministry with leaders from multiple disciplines to clarify and deepen understanding of positive cultural engagement both theologically and pastorally.
  5. On-going engagement with one another, mentors, and future fellows.

The American Anglican Council has supported biblical orthodoxy in Anglicanism for over 25 years and was there at every milestone in the Anglican Realignment. We envision leaders of local, regional, and national Anglican churches equipped to remain faithful, courageous, and resilient to their biblical and apostolic roots and to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission in the world. If you’re interested in participating in the Anderson Trane Fellows program, please have your diocesan bishop contact The Rev. Canon Phil Ashey.

our 2024 anderson trane fellows

The Rev. Jonathan Bailes

Jonathan has been on staff at Christ Church since 2018, where he serves as Cathedral Theologian and Canon for Christian Education. In those roles, he engages in a wide variety of tasks focused on teaching, preaching, and overseeing adult formation. Prior to his arrival at Christ Church, he spent more than a decade in graduate theological education, earning an M.Div. at Beeson Divinity School and then later a Ph.D. at Boston College, where he studied patristic and medieval Christian thought and taught undergraduate classes in theology. He and his wife, Rachael, are the proud parents of four children: Elizabeth, Charlie, Lucy, and Maggie.

The Rev. Bryan Biba

Bryan was born and raised in Chicagoland. He graduated from Wheaton College (Illinois) with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in theology. Bryan also earned a Master of Divinity with a certificate in Anglican Studies from Duke Divinity School in Durham, North Carolina. After serving in various parishes, since 2022 he has served as Assistant Rector at Christ Church Anglican in Savannah, GA. Bryan and his wife, Laura McClain-Biba, enjoy cooking good food, reading old books, biking, and spending time with their son, Simeon, and daughter, Adelaide.

The Rev. Sean Duncan

The Rev. Sean D. Duncan is Rector of St. Timothy’s Anglican Church in Marshall, TX (ACNA). Rev. Duncan is married to his wife Amber Duncan and has four children: Owen (8), Annie (4), Ben (2), and Reid (8 months). He is also currently working on a doctorate in ecclesiastical history from the University of Edinburgh. His dissertation focuses on the liberty of indifference in the thought of Anglican theologian Richard Hooker.

The Rev. Caleb evans

Fr. Caleb Evans serves as rector of Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Plainville, CT. He is married to Alane, his wife of thirteen years. They have three beautiful daughters: Mia (11), Lucy (6), and Audrey (3). Fr. Caleb was ordained to the priesthood in 2013 and received his MDiv from Nashotah House Theological Seminary. In addition to his current ministry in Plainville, he has served churches in Wisconsin and Upstate New York. Fr. Caleb is a passionate servant of Christ. He is known for his expository preaching, his gifting in leadership development, his specialty in church revitalization, and his heart for pastoral care.

The Rev. Justin Hare

Justin is a native of Charleston, SC and graduated from Duke University (BA, History) in 2009, where he was a member of the men’s golf team. After returning to Charleston, he met his wife (Molly), and they were married in 2010. Justin served as the Youth Minister at St. Michael’s Church before attending seminary in 2013. He graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary (mDiv, Pastoral Ministry) in Philadelphia in 2017 and went onto serve as a college minister at Clemson University, in partnership with the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) and Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church. During that time, Justin earned a Diploma of Anglican Studies from Trinity School for Ministry. In 2020, Justin returned to Charleston, joining the staff at St. Philips Church as the Assistant for College and Youth Adult Ministry. In 2023 after helping launch a diocesan campus ministry at the College of Charleston through the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina, his role at St. Philips shifted to the Assistant for Young Adult and Family Ministry. Justin and Molly have three children (Graceanna, 10; Lawrence 'Law', 7; Eleanor, 2). Justin is passionate about seeing the gospel of Jesus Christ take root in people’s hearts so that they might love and follow Him in every area of their lives. On a day off, he enjoys going with his family to the beach, reading a book, teaching his children to play golf, or simply being anywhere outside.

The Rev. Josh Lake

Josh Lake is blessed to have been born into a Christian home, with parents who ensured the church was a priority. After serving SBC churches in pastoral ministry for seventeen years, Josh, Bethany, and their four children sold their home in Tennessee and embarked on a brief (five month) RV trek across the country and back, going to “a land I (the Lord) will show you” (Gen. 12:1). That land to which the Lord led them was the ACNA. He and Bethany are passionate about missions and discipleship and are deeply convinced that the Gospel is the only hope for those who are lost and perishing around the world, and in our neighborhoods. To that end, their desire as they made their way into the Anglican Tradition was to serve not just the local church, but to build up and strengthen biblical Anglicanism in North America and around the world.

The Rev. Ife Ojetayo

Ife Ojetayo serves as the rector of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Syracuse. NY, a parish in the Anglican Diocese of the Living Word (ADLW). A graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, he was ordained to the priesthood in 2021. He is married to his beloved Lisa and they are parents to four boys.

Mr. Jackson waters

Jackson Matthew Waters is a native Virginian living on Capitol Hill with his wife, Emma Leigh, and his daughter, Elizabeth Anne. He received his B.A. in History with Honors from Union University. He wrote his thesis on the Decline and Resurgence of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia after Disestablishment. He is a postulant for Holy Orders in the Diocese of the Mid Atlantic, Divinity Student at Reformed Theological Seminary, and Pastoral Resident at Christ the King in Alexandria, where he has attended since 2012. He is particularly interested in church history, figural readings of Scripture, Christian education, and church planting.