Anderson trane fellows

About the anderson trane fellows

The Anglican Church in North America’s (ACNA) future is dependent on faithful, godly bishops leading the Province with missional and doctrinal fidelity in our Communion, our world, and our nation. Through this fellowship, the American Anglican Council (AAC) desires to train promising young priests and ordinands as the future leaders of our Province. Our goal is that this training will exceed their seminary studies in addition to providing an internship in a ministry context to pastorally apply this training. Fellows will both build a network of future colleagues and connect with willing mentors to resource them into their future. The Anderson Trane Fellowship honors the partnership between Bishop David Anderson, then President and CEO of the AAC, and Frank Trane, a lay leader, in providing leadership for biblically faithful Anglicans in the Episcopal Church and in the formation of the ACNA. It signifies the cooperation between the episcopal office and lay leaders that Bishop Anderson and Frank Trane modeled. For this reason the Anderson-Trane Fellows also invites promising younger lay leaders to participate fully, alongside those in Holy Orders, in this Fellowship.

The Anderson Trane Fellowship will have five components:

  1. Travel to Wittenberg Germany to study with the Rev. Dr. Ashley Null exploring the Reformation origins of the Anglican tradition in both England and on the continent.
  2. Service in a parish, chaplaincy, or other ministry context with mentorship by an experienced and faithful bishop, clergy person, or lay leader who will help them learn to navigate the rigors of ministry at every level of the Church.
  3. Monthly Zoom meetings as a cohort to engage contemporary issues both theologically and pastorally. Monthly preparation of resources listed in the domestic component will be required.
  4. Two weeks of in-residence worldview training with leaders from multiple disciplines to clarify and deepen understanding of positive cultural engagement both theologically and pastorally.
  5. On-going engagement with one another, mentors, and future fellows.


Through this fellowship, the American Anglican Council desires to train promising young ordinands, clergy, and laity as future leaders in our province. The AAC has supported biblical orthodoxy in Anglicanism for over twenty years and was there at every milestone in the Anglican Realignment. We envision leaders of local, regional, and national Anglican churches equipped to remain faithful, courageous, and resilient to their biblical and apostolic roots and to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission in the world. If you’re interested in participating in the Anderson Trane Fellows program, please have your diocesan bishop contact The Rev. Canon Phil Ashey.