Anglican Legal Society

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Uniting those interested
in Anglican canon law

The Anglican Legal Society (ALS) brings together diocesan chancellors, attorneys, and others who are interested in Anglican canon law and related legal issues. Its gatherings, whether in person or by Zoom, offer instruction, fellowship, and an opportunity to learn from each other about wise practices and good order for Anglican parishes and dioceses. ALS is open to lawyers and non-lawyers, to lay people and to clergy—to anyone who shares an interest in good and godly governance in the Anglican way.

To join the Anglican Legal Society, all you have to do is email the Rev. Canon Phil Ashey by clicking the link below!

Upcoming events

OUR NEXT online meeting

Thursday May 16, 12:30pm-1:30pm PT

The next meeting will be Thursday May 16, from 12:30pm to 1:30pm ET and our speaker will be the Very Rev. Andrew Rowell, a Trustee of the AAC and vice-Chair of the ACNA Governance Taskforce who will be speaking on the proposed amendment to Title 1 Canon 5 section 8 on the new minimum requirements that dioceses must observe in responding to and processing accusations of misconduct and abuse. Andrew will present the amendment and its rational and will take questions from the audience.

ACNA Provincial Assembly 2024

June 25-28, 2024 at St. Vincent College, Latrobe PA

During Provincial Assembly 2024 there will be an informal meeting of the Anglican Legal Society for all members in attendance. Stay tuned to this page for more information. To register for Provincial Assembly, visit the link below:


October 31, 2024 – November 3, Washington DC

At this year’s Christian Legal Society National Conference, there will be an informal gathering of Anglican chancellors and lawyers present at CLS for teaching, discussion, and fellowship. Stay tuned to this page for more information. To register for the CLS National Conference, visit the link below:

Resources from our latest Annual Meetings


Theresa Sidebotham, Telios Law

The AAC’s Anglican Legal Society hosted an all-day seminar on Zoom with Theresa Sidebotham, a partner for the Telios Law Firm LLC, on how to respond to accusations of misconduct and abuse under our ACNA and diocesan disciplinary canons (Title IV). The Telios Law Firm is a leader in advising churches and non-profits on best practices in responding to, investigating, and processing all aspects of church disciplinary cases. Dioceses within the ACNA need to design such processes that will not compromise the Church’s testimony of the transforming love of Jesus and will care well for everyone involved in the process. The seminar addressed responding initially to an allegation: how to respond appropriately, meet legal standards, care well for those who are victims, keep everyone safe, and provide a fair process for those who are accused. It reviewed when investigations are needed, whether they should be internal or external, and what standards should be put in place. It also covered ongoing care for everyone involved during the investigative process. While the recordings of this seminar are only available to seminar registrants, we want to encourage all ALS members to stay tuned for future seminars and our online meetings that provide resources like this to our provincial legal leadership. We also commend the Telios Law Firm for any resources in Christian Legal Aid that you may need. You can visit their website by visiting the link below.