You don’t have to figure this out alone

Reframe your ministry challenge

Seemingly insurmountable problems can leave church leaders frustrated and stuck. A trusted, experienced coach can help you reframe your focus and move forward with freedom.

We know how frustrating
it can be

Our team of coaches has experienced just about every church problem imaginable. We’ve felt stuck, and we’ve gotten unstuck. We have reframed our ministry in difficult times.

We have all either overcome the problem you are facing or have the resources to find a way through it with you. We can help you get past this problem and back to your purpose and mission.

Many problems in the church can’t be faced without outside help. Make the biblical, godly change by reaching out to an experienced coach who can help you navigate these waters. You don’t have to figure it out alone.

SO How does Reframe work?

We listen to you. We hear your heart, your situation, and your needs. We pray with you. And then we match you with a coach that has the experience to support you. You choose the resource that you feel is the best fit. Depending on the resource, your coach will walk you through the reframing process to help you moving forward again.
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Steps to Reframe your Ministry

01. Schedule a free consultation

02. Get matched with exactly the right resource & coach for your specific needs

03. Engage with the coaching process and see the results!


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Leave behind the frustration and find a coach to help you move forward with freedom again.