“Lip service to the Bible means nothing. Al Zadig’s robust, helpful, practical, and faithful approach is the perfect counter to today’s platitudinous preaching and amiable Bible studies.” – Dr. Os Guinness

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Okay, you’re talking with someone in your Church when all of a sudden the conversation gets to the Bible, and a book like Leviticus gets mentioned. Better yet, you’re a pastor or lay leader and you’ve been asked to give a little devotional on the Song of Solomon, without making it too awkward…
How are you going to get through that one?
That’s where the Turbo Bible for Men, Old Testament, comes in! In this book, you can open up an easy-to-read and thoroughly summarized chapter on each book of the Old Testament to turbo charge your biblical fluency. You’ll get the highlights and key details of each book through “turbo facts,” along with the context, what it says about God and what it says about God’s people. Each chapter also ends with reflection and discussion questions for your own personal use or for use in a small group. Stories, anecdotes, and important facts abound and come together to help you get through the most important collection of books in the history of mankind.

Consider Turbo Bible an indispensable tool in your Christian tool box!

about the rev. al zadig jr.

The Rev. Alfred “Al” T.K. Zadig, Jr. has been Rector of St. Michael’s Anglican Church in Charleston, SC since September 2007. Previously, Al served as Rector of All Saints Church in Chevy Chase, Maryland, in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, DC. Born in Connecticut, the Rev. Al Zadig holds degrees from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and the Seminary at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. Al and his wife, Elizabeth, have three children: Wimberly, Christian and Hudson.

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