Growing up in England and attending evangelical churches and student Christian unions, I learned that ‘witness’ and ‘friendship evangelism’ were more or less interchangeable. We were encouraged to share our testimony: we have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ which we can describe in terms of the benefits in the present; we can tell … Read More

The Church is Africa has a vital role in bringing Gospel values to bear in society – but it must not be dictated to by special interest groups in the West.   Most patriotic citizens assume that their nation is best, but cultural superiority has been a particular feature of the British, who through their … Read More

Next week at the Church of England’s General Synod a lunchtime fringe meeting will take place to address the Pilling Report and its aftermath. A reasonable number have booked in. At the same time another meeting will take place, with twice the number booked in, on the subject of Church Growth. Which one should evangelicals … Read More