• Boo-boos about the Transcendent One

    GlobalView from Bishop Bill Atwood   I have no question that the best scholar and thinker about Paganism (and a host of other things) is Dr. Peter Jones of TruthXchange. (Follow that link to subscribe to his excellent work.) In my view, his hallmark teaching is...

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  • The AAC and GAFCON

      We have just finished a meeting with our American Anglican Council (AAC) Board of Trustees.  It was a great time of assessing the Canterbury gathering of Anglican Primates just a few weeks ago, our work there with the GAFCON Primates, a group representing the...

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  • Shielding Whom?

    By Marcia Lebhar   “If you stand firmly opposed to overwhelming destructive power, you expose yourself to destruction.”   These words were written by ethicist Philip Haille in his book, Lest Innocent Blood Be Shed, about the leadership of one Protestant pastor, Daniel Trocmé, who...

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  • Anglican Leader Says West is “Imposing” Agenda on Africa

    Since its conclusion, the recent Primates’ meeting in Canterbury has been examined, reflected upon and covered extensively. Nevertheless, there are a few aspects that seem to have gone unnoticed. During the press conference on the meeting’s final day, a reporter asked the Archbishop of Canterbury...

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