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10 Canons Every Rector Ought to Know

If you have every wondered whether the Church has any guidelines for clergy leaders and lay leaders to work together in leadership, may I commend this 17 minute video resource to you? Although it is titled “Ten Canons Every Rector ought to know,” I believe every clergyperson will find it helpful in working with your lay leaders and people in the local church.  This short video will address the following questions you may have asked or may have heard from time to time:

  • What do Anglicans really believe?
  • What does membership in this local church require?
  • What should I teach in our “new members” class?
  • What is our “mission” as Anglican followers of Jesus Christ?
  • What role does the bishop play in the calling of a rector and other clergy to your local church?  And what role does the vestry play?
  • Who constitutes the governing board of your local church?
  • Who owns the property of your church?
  • How can you transfer your church from one diocese to another?
  • What should we teach about financial giving in our local church?
  • What are best practices our local church and governing board should observe for financial transparency and accountability?
  • How do we prepare people for marriage and re-marriage?
  • What moral and ethical standards and behaviors do we require of all leaders in the local church—clergy and laity alike?
  • What does “subsidiarity” really mean?
  • What can and should the church do when the pastoral relationship between the rector and the congregation is imperiled by conflict?

These ten canons represent the biblical values and teaching that have shaped the Anglican Church in North America.  We will soon be releasing another video series on canons that every vestry ought to know, but this video is a practical resource that clergy and vestry can view together as you lead your local church together.

The American Anglican Council exists to help every local church fulfill Christ’s Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) and Christ’s Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-39).  We hope this resource, and all of our Anglican Revitalization Ministries will enable you and your congregation to reach your community with the transforming love of Jesus Christ: in gracious, good, and Godly ways!

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