MODESTO, CA – “Grow trees, not flowers.” That’s the way the Rev. Nathan Baxter frames the idea of church growth. Flowers come and go, and flash-in-the-pan missional gimmicks do too, but tried-and-true discipleship, fostering deep spiritual health, is the way to play the long game in the quest for real Gospel transformation. Trees may take … Read More

Let’s be honest. Lay leaders often don’t get the credit they deserve. Yes, clergy are entrusted with a vision and the execution of that vision in the churches they serve, but they couldn’t do it at any level of the Church (local, diocesan, or provincial) without the resources, the helping hands, and above all, the … Read More

The following is an interview with the Rev. Cn. Dr. Ashley Null. He is a friend of the American Anglican Council, and we are grateful to him for his time. The interview comes on the heels of a recent controversy surfacing online through various articles (see our own article on this subject here) regarding the … Read More