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Church health assessment

The Revive Church Health Assessment is a tool that helps a congregation’s leadership understand their strengths and weaknesses. Developed by Dr. Winfield Bevins and Asbury Seminary, the Church Health Assessment is a qualitative and quantitative analysis of a congregation that takes in to account data from the entire congregation. To complete the assessment, follow these steps:

  1. Contact The Rev. Canon Mark Eldredge, Director of Anglican Revitalization Ministries, letting him know your interest in Church Revitalization and the Revive Church Health Assessment.
  2. Have a leader within your congregation (ex. Priest or Parish Admin) click on the link below that will take them to the Church Registration form.
  3. Complete the Church Registration form and pay $100 using the coupon code “ReviveACNA”. (this money goes to Asbury Seminary for the use of their assessment)
  4. You will then have access to a unique URL which you should share with every member of your congregation.
  5. Instruct the members of your congregation to go to that unique URL and take the assessment. (this portion is free and does not cost the members)
  6. After enough responses are gathered, the health assessment will be completed and results shared with the congregation’s leadership.
  7. The Revive Church Revitalization team will then discuss the results and steps forward with the congregation’s leadership.

Discount Code: ReviveACNA