Two congregations, Apostles Anglican and St. Patrick’s Anglican, both in Lexington, came together for a Revive Weekend April 29-May 1. After the challenging last couple of year both churches knew they needed to be renewed and refreshed in the Lord in addition to putting into practice the principles of church health taught in Revive. Wanting … Read More

If you have every wondered whether the Church has any guidelines for clergy leaders and lay leaders to work together in leadership, may I commend this 17 minute video resource to you? Although it is titled “Ten Canons Every Rector ought to know,” I believe every clergyperson will find it helpful in working with your lay leaders … Read More

Critical Race Theory alarms people. For those who do not research and teach in universities, it seems to have come out of nowhere. It’s confusing. Many people have a vague sense that it is racist or unjust or has a false account of history and human nature, but they cannot put their fingers directly on … Read More