Image: Moreiro When you see the words “love” and “connections” together you may think of the old dating game show hosted by Chuck Woolery, Love Connection. To be clear, this article is not about making more dating relationships in your church. It is, however, about the deep need church members have to be loved … Read More

Image: Note: After having taken a break from writing regular blogs on revitalization I will be offering a new series of articles in 2021, Leading Your Church to Health & Vitality, on how to achieve vitality in your local church. Please keep reading and enjoy. We’re in this together. Grace be with you! What … Read More

The best part of 2021 so far is that it’s not 2020. Can I get an AMEN?! One of the most frustrating parts of last year, from a church leadership perspective, was the near-constant state of having to react to negative circumstances. Reactive leadership is more like playing defense, where you don’t know what’s coming … Read More