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What Is Your Church Trying to Accomplish?

I recently attended a continuing education course on church revitalization taught, mostly, by Kevin Ford. Kevin is a relative of Billy Graham, but more importantly he has consulted with churches on revitalization for many years. I learned a lot during the course, however one comment Kevin made was particularly striking to me. He said that...
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Revitalization Requires Relational Renewal

So often when a church realizes that it is in need of revitalization, the initial response is to look for quick fixes or what’s often referred to as, “the silver bullet.” It’s natural to think and hope that if we can just find the right program then all will be well again. Good programs are...
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Church Revitalization: Motivation Matters

Pretend that your church is declining and in danger of closing. Would you want to help save it? Why would you want to save it? What is your motivation? Is it because you love your church family and want your family to have a church home? Is it because you’re attached to the building-a place...
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Does Your Church Need Revitalization?

Most of us tend to resist change as much as possible. I know I do. For example, I resist changing my eating habits to lose weight. I will ignore it and put it off until I’m having too much trouble buttoning my pants. Then I have an internal conflict. You see, I also resist spending...
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