After nearly a year of having to be in reactive leadership mode in 2020, I want to address again the importance of getting specific about who you are trying to reach for Jesus, or to put it another way, being clear about which specific unreached people group in your local area your church is called … Read More

One of the glaring problems exposed in the church during 2020 was the lack of adequate spiritual formation, or discipleship, most churches have practiced over that last few decades. I’ve been in many meetings with church leaders during which someone points out that we have not done a good job of discipleship, and every head … Read More

Image: Moreiro When you see the words “love” and “connections” together you may think of the old dating game show hosted by Chuck Woolery, Love Connection. To be clear, this article is not about making more dating relationships in your church. It is, however, about the deep need church members have to be loved … Read More