I’ve read so many articles about the limitations that we’re going to experience, even as we reopen from COVID19. It seems very discouraging, all the things that we cannot do. And yet, I’m reminded of what Abraham was experiencing when he looked at what he did not have in Genesis, Chapter 15 – all that … Read More

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Please receive my deepest thanks for all the work you are doing serving the LORD in your practice of law FOR his Church! If you are at all like me, you have been inundated with webinars and zoom calls about life during the pandemic—and no doubt by the challenges … Read More

I was on a call with rectors yesterday, and the number one question was this: How do we prepare our churches now for the day when we can re-open? That question was followed by many others in the same vein: When? What will that look like? How will we “deep clean” and sanitize our churches … Read More