Have you realized how we tend to notice things we might otherwise overlook in our homes when we have guests coming? You know, the dust on the bookshelf or the dirt on the baseboards or the junk mail on the counter. Those things are fine when it’s just “us” and they will be dealt with … Read More

I heard once and have repeated many times that the number one emotion people feel when going to a church for the first time is fear. Will I fit in? What will be expected of me? Am I dressed right? There are just lots of unknowns which can cause fear.   I recently experienced this … Read More

I once walked my church’s property with an owner of a landscaping business trying to get a bid on the cost of cutting the grass. I was busy, as usual, and just wanted the bottom line cost from him. I got much more. He pointed out how trees and bushes could look better and suggested … Read More