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Canon Mark Visits the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes

FORT WAYNE, IN – On November 5 and 6, the Rev. Canon Mark Eldredge, Director of the AAC’s Anglican Revitalization Ministries (ARM), spoke at the annual synod of the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes (ADGL). It had been two years since ADGL met together in person after dealing with a transition to a new bishop and then going through COVID closures. This synod was a joyful time together, and Canon Mark was invited by Bishop Mark Engle to speak to his clergy using some of the Rev. Geoff Chapman’s Clergy Care Group concepts in order to bring much needed renewal and refreshment.

Canon Mark spoke over the course of two days. He was primarily there to be the keynote speaker on church revitalization. Bishop Engle is making revitalization the primary focus of ministry in his churches over the next year. Canon Mark is working with the ADGL diocesan church revitalization team on implementing both diocesan wide revitalization and revitalization at the local level through ARM’s Revive Program. “The leadership in this diocese is excellent,” Canon Mark reflected, “and I have every reason to be hopeful about their seeing churches revitalized throughout the diocese. I’m honored and excited for ARM to be partnering with them.”

Anglican Revitalization Ministries focuses on proven and practical resources to help Anglican congregations move towards the fullness of church life that God has for them. Its three ministries are Revive, focusing on church revitalization and health; Renew, bringing Holy Spirit renewal to congregations in the Anglican church; and Reframe, providing one-on-one consultation and coaching to church leaders. If you would like to know more about ARM, please visit or email Canon Mark directly at

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