Most of our churches will have unchurched people in our services for Christmas. Some of them will no doubt be “CEO’s” – “Christmas and Easter Only” people! Some may be seekers who are tired of living their way and think God and the church might have some answers. No matter their motivation for coming, this … Read More

Have you ever said that in your church? Have you heard someone else say that, like in a vestry meeting? I often hear faithful older churchgoers say, “We just need to get more young families to come.” It is the most common “solution” I hear offered when people start talking about revitalizing their church. It … Read More

I recently met The Rev. Brad Hales who is working in the area of church revitalization in the North American Lutheran Church (NALC), which is a Common Ground Ministry Partner with us in the Anglican Church in North America. Pastor Hales has had success bringing renewal to congregations. I was encouraged by his story and … Read More