I always loved this time in the summer as parish priest. There was enough of a slowdown to take some time to pray and think through plans for the Fall and even into the New Year. Where was God leading us as a church this next season? What did He want us to focus on? … Read More

Getting visitors does not guarantee that your church will grow. However, I guarantee that your church won’t grow without getting visitors. I agree with those who argue that the “Attractional” model of church growth is no longer the best model in our largely post-Christiandom culture, and that we must take on a more “Missional” model … Read More

At GAFCON 2018 in Jerusalem, I attended a breakout seminar led by The Rev. Dr. Kendall Harmon from the United States and The Rev. Rico Tice from England. I chose this seminar for several reasons: 1. Kendall Harmon has been one of the leading voices in our movement to uphold Biblically Faithful Great Commission Anglicanism, … Read More