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Our Affiliation with a Global Prayer Initiative

We, at the American Anglican Council, are so grateful to the team at 8@8 for our new affiliation in ministry. As we move forward, we hope through this affiliation that more people will get on board and prayer will increase around the globe to the glory of God. We are particularly grateful now for this write up provided by those at 8@8. Please be sure to visit the website, to get involved!

“Willa, what do you think about getting a group of people together to pray?”

That question, asked by a friend to American Anglican Council Trustee Willa Kane in early March 2020, led Willa to reach out to several friends. The crises confronting the church and the world were very clear. Was the Lord energizing the hearts of his people to turn to him in prayer?

Several Anglican leaders responded to Willa’s question saying they would like to join, and by the end of the week, a group had formed. The small group coalesced around a simple idea: to gather an international community in prayer every evening at 8 p.m. for 8 minutes. Sally Breedlove, an author, ministry leader, and wife of Bishop Steve Breedlove of the Diocese of Christ our Hope, offered to write daily prompts to prayer. Madison Perry, priest and founder of a Christian study center offered to put together a website and build an online presence. Over time these roles became shared and the three continue to work closely together.

Within a short period of time, the 8@8 prayer movement expanded to include almost 13,000 people around the world. Each daily call to prayer reflects on a scripture passage from the Anglican lectionary, asks the reader to pray and then offers a closing prayer. Participants forwarded the reflections to friends, and many set daily alarms to remind them to pause at 8 p.m. to turn to the Lord together. God has been faithful in drawing thousands of people from around the globe to join in this daily rhythm.

This fall, the still-growing 8@8 team sought to discern how to steward this Spirit-led movement, hoping that a global prayer network would further solidify and that new voices would contribute daily prompts to prayer. Now, we are excited to announce that 8@8 is affiliated with the American Anglican Council (AAC).

The AAC is a network of individuals, parishes, and ministries who affirm biblical authority and Christian orthodoxy within the Anglican tradition. With 80 million members, Anglicanism is the third-largest global denomination, and its presence is especially large in non-western cultures. The Anglican tradition is steeped in the biblical, daily prayer that 8@8 promotes. 8@8 will continue to be an initiative open to Christians of all denominations from all around the globe who are seeking God’s kingdom in prayer for the world. The AAC will provide oversight and direction to our work as well as supply guest writers for many of our daily reflections.

If you’ve yet to join, we’d love to invite you to be a part of the 8@8 movement. You can sign up at to receive our daily call to pray over a lectionary reading and connect with others through our Facebook group (8@8). You can also send the website link or an invitation to the Facebook group to your friends, to the organization where you work or volunteer, and to the leaders in your church or denomination.

Our hope is that this movement will continue to expand as the Lord adds praying people from all nations within all twenty-four of the 8:00pm major time zones around the world. Through our new affiliation with AAC, we believe that God will open new avenues for our ministry and call more believers to faithful prayer. We long to see people everywhere turn to Jesus Christ, our only hope, and we pray that God, through his grace and mercy, will use this endeavor as a tool to unify us as his people and speak his love to our world.

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