2020 is shaping up to be a historically significant year for the future of the Anglican Communion. Sometimes it can be a challenge to understand it: the structure, history, and current issues can be a tangle of information. However, in this podcast interview by Bishop Julian Dobbs from the Diocese of The Living Word (ACNA) with Rev Canon … Read More

We all know that change is inevitable,especially in church ministry: congregations beginning and ending, leadership turnovers, location changes, sabbaticals and retirements.  In every season, something ends and transtions into something new. Finishing Well is designed to help clergy lead through those times of transition effectively, whatever the change in their or their parishioners lives.  Whether … Read More

Hugo Blankingship served as the first Chancellor of the Anglican Church in North America under the Most Rev. Robert Duncan, Archbishop emeritus. As a key servant leader in the Anglican realignment in North America, his observations capture both the reasons for, and the principles behind, the formation of the Anglican Church in North America. In … Read More