The American Anglican Council recently published an article regarding the usefulness of the CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program to keep our congregations, clergy and staff afloat for 8 weeks thanks to the Act’s $350+ BILLION in forgivable loans to small businesses and all 501c3s including churches. You can find the article here: Another great … Read More

Vancouver Island, BC – At Christ Church, Oceanside, life took an unexpected but happy turn online with the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Rev. Ryan Matchett talked with Canon Phil Ashey about finding an audience online when the novel coronavirus shut his parish doors. He arrived with his wife and five daughters only 21 months prior to … Read More

The following was written for us by Mark Williams, Chair of the ACNA Music Task Force, and director of music at Christ Church Anglican, Savannah, GA. We are grateful for his hard work and friendship and commend these resources to all Anglican churches in need of some liturgical and musical help during this pandemic: Your … Read More