With almost every job, occupational hazards abound. When I worked as a carpenter, the dangers were obvious: falling from a lift or building, being hit by debris, machinery mishaps, and the list continues. When it comes to the priesthood, while not as apparent as construction, there are still several occupational hazards. One such threat we … Read More

Dear friends in Christ around the globe, I’m writing today from our North American context where we just concluded our COVID-19 survey of congregations.  I want to first thank all of you for engaging and participating.  We have approximately 8,000 readers in addition to those connected to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Through our international update, we … Read More

Establishing Equity Between Public Safety and Public Worship How do we, as followers of Jesus Christ, balance our submission to God who commands us to gather for worship, our embrace of America’s constitutionally-protected right of the free exercise of religion, and our obligation to love our neighbors and keep them safe from unnecessary suffering and … Read More