The Rev. Marc Robertson is the retired rector of Christ’s Church Anglican in Savannah, GA and the spiritual shepherd of the upcoming 2 year cohort of the AAC’s Foundations Course: Developing Anglican Mission Pastors, which will launch in the Gulf Atlantic Diocese in August 2021. We are so grateful for the opportunity to republish this … Read More

What is the Anglican Perspective Podcast? Anglican Perspective puts you on the frontline of leadership development, church growth, and a global reformation. Stay tuned to the latest news and discussions happening in the Anglican Communion and see what the American Anglican Council is up to as it brings biblically-faithful, Great Commission Anglicanism to North America … Read More

In February 2020, Canon Mark Eldredge traveled to the tiny town of Glenn Rose, TX, to visit Cross of Christ Anglican Church. It’s a community of kind-hearted, hospitable, and faithful individuals with a passion for Jesus Christ and their neighbors. Watch their story as they journey towards revitalization, renewal, and growth in order to fulfill … Read More